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4 Courses: 4 Life-Changing Opportunities on Leading  From The Inside-Out.

Management Skills

A Manager's Playbook for Communicating, Delegating, Coaching, and Leading Through Conflict and Uncertainty

In the fast-paced world of business, excellence goes beyond mere execution. It's about leading with purpose, nurturing your team's potential, and communicating in a manner that motivates and inspires others to action. 

This workshop equips you with the mindset shifts, tools, and insights to delegate with assurance, coach with compassion, and offer feedback that not only guides but also encourages your team members to embrace challenges and take decisive action.

Communication Skills

Navigating Storms: Dealing With Conflict and Difficult People

Conflicts are part of our daily lives ‚Äď they pop up in office corridors, during team projects, and even at family dinners.

But imagine possessing the skills to sail through these turbulent interactions with poise and assurance.

This workshop is designed to transform how you perceive, engage with, and resolve conflicts. The goal is to equip you with the strategies and insights needed to turn challenging conversations into productive and healthy outcomes. 

Emotional Intelligence Skills

Show Up Anyway: Using the Power of Emotional Intelligence to Maintain Your Composure & Strengthen Relationships

Have you ever felt engulfed by change, immobilized by self-doubt, or trapped in challenging work or life situations? "Show Up Anyway: Mastering Yourself from the Inside Out" is crafted to address these very moments.


This course isn't just your usual class; it's a journey to identifying personalized tactics and hidden superpowers that help you deal with life's tricky moments smoothly and powerfully.

Communication Skills

Speak Up, Stand Out: Communicating Assertively at Work

Have you ever held back a great idea in a meeting or felt overshadowed by a colleague's dominant personality? Do you find yourself over-explaining, using complex language, only to end up confusing everyone?

Now, picture a different scene: You're in a meeting, armed with a brilliant idea. The real challenge lies in confidently presenting it‚ÄĒstriking the perfect balance so you're neither perceived as scattered nor risk being overlooked.

In this course, we'll guide you through overcoming the hesitation to voice your thoughts at work. Learn practical strategies for asserting your ideas while handling pushback gracefully, ensuring you maintain confidence and composure.

Hey YOU!

I'm Kandia Johnson


Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of coaching and training hundreds of entrepreneurs and workplace leaders from around the globe. One truth has become clear: A lack of visibility, approachability, and communication skills hinders your growth and earning power. 


That's why my mission is to help leaders like you overcome outdated thoughts, habits, and beliefs that hold you back. 


My expertise lies in elevating two unique types of leaders:


1. The Hidden Gems: talented individuals who have yet to be fully heard or recognized within their organizations. As your hype woman and no-nonsense accountability coach, I will guide you with actionable steps to understand and adapt your leadership style, communicate assertively, and shift your presence from overlooked to indispensable.


2. The Commanding Trailblazers: strong-willed and ‚ÄĒat times may come across as abrasive, I offer guidance to soften and refine your approach, balance your power with warmth, and become a more empathetic and approachable leader.


It is time to embrace your true leadership potential, gain the recognition you deserve, and cultivate a life marked by confidence, productivity, and impact.


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"Kandia has the unique ability to not only craft dynamic training, but engage and energize an audience."
- Renee de Gennaro, CPTM, Director at Fresenius Medical Care North America
"With multiple workshops led by Kandia over the past year, PRAHD staff are better equipped to meet daily challenges with their improved skills in communication, managing conflict, leadership, and public speaking."
- Yvonne Lopez, Assemblywoman of the 19th Legislative District in New Jersey and Former CEO of PRAHD
"Kandia is a results-driven, natural leader who quickly commanded the room of senior government leaders. She was committed to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our Nation’s Government and its workforce by building consensus, helping the group balance competing priorities while cultivating productive relationships. She helped the team hone in on power words, tap into their creative side, and brought out the best in the team."
- Michele Kubajek, M.Ed Department of the Navy Office of Civilian Human Resources Training and Development Center of Excellence

Keynote Topics

Show Up, Anyway! 

What do you do when your facing storms in life and you have to show up, anyway for work ? Kandia shares her 5 part framework for mastering your limiting mindset and transforming self-doubt and uncertainty into positive energy and massive action.

Master Your Story

Whether your goal is to position yourself as an industry leader or market yourself for a business opportunity, owning the good, bad and ugly of our story is key to moving from where you are now to where you want to be next year. 


Stuck to Unstoppable

Quit overthinking and doubting yourself. It's time to confidently step into your power as a leader. Master the 4P's of effortless confidence.



Leadership isn't a ONE sized fits all approach.

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