Are you struggling to put your thoughts into words at work?


Do you fade into the shadows when it’s time to deal with conflict, showcase your talents or respond to skeptics and critics in the room?


Does the mere thought of giving constructive criticism or delegating tasks make your head spin?


When you join my 90-day, 1:1 coaching experience, I'll teach you how to move from overwhelmed and unsure of yourself to confident and unstoppable in speaking up and showing up at work (and in life too!)

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When I think about the LIFE-CHANGING success you pull out of us, I am speechless.


Since working with Kandia I have presented $1.91M in services to prospective customers not to mention the $875K in revenue Kandia helped me pitch during the program.  


In addition to increasing my sales potential, Kandia helped me find my professional purpose, better define my role at work, build a Team Training Series called “30/30 Thursdays”. 

-Kyra Jones, Consulting Manager, Deloitte

 I'm not only here to help you show up more confidently at work but also to guide you in discovering parts of yourself you haven't met yet.


Here's a snapshot of our journey working together. 


The Big Reveal – Discover Your Unique Style


Self-awareness is the first step towards improvement in any area of your life.


So, before our first live chat, you'll complete an assessment of your leadership and communication style.

You'll uncover your strengths and the areas you need to power up while we pinpoint those sneaky limiting beliefs and hurdles holding you back.


You'll walk away with a personalized 90-day Awareness to Action plan. 


Develop Your Daily Ritual to Activate a Powerful Presence


Whether your goal is to position yourself for a promotion, develop a stronger leadership presence or lead your team during change, you'll pick three key areas you want to supercharge, and in just 90+ days, we'll crush common work-life challenges like:

  • Speaking up with assertiveness

  • Selling your ideas and yourself like a pro

  • Becoming a delegation pro

  • Mastering the art of feedback

  • Building visibility, trust, and credibility

  • Managing your energy and time to get more done in a day.

  • Dealing with different communication styles and adapting your style to fit different situations

Beyond equipping you with daily strategies to express yourself more clearly, persuasively, 

and confidently, you'll also learn how to get organized and stay calm under challenging situations to prioritize competing demands easily.


Moreover, you'll uncover daily habits to achieve wellness and joy (because who says you must wait for the weekend?).


The Unleashing- Activate Your  Presence


After each session, you'll receive a recording and a 'make-it-happen' action plan, including but not limited to the following:


  • Mindfulness exercises from our 'Show-Up Anyway' blueprint to turn your limiting beliefs into action

  • A 'Delegate to Elevate' strategy to take control of your workload

  • A '90 Ways in 90+ Days' Roadmap to position yourself as a Leader--be it in your industry, workplace, or community.

  • A Conversation Planner to prepare for presentations, mock interviews with Kandia, difficult conversations with colleagues, managers, and employees at work, etc. 


The cherry on top? You'll get VIP access to the 'Get it Done Lounge.' Think of this as your digital command center featuring power-packed templates and video and audio training that focuses on managing your time and structuring your day, nailing a presentation or pitch meeting,  negotiating like a boss, securing media attention, or getting booked for paid speaking gigs to position yourself as a thought leader – you're covered in the Get It Done Lounge. 


By the end of our adventure together, you'll buzz with unstoppable energy and sport a fresh new perspective on life. Plus, you'll have the words to captivate, the actions to inspire, and the habits to consistently rise to new heights of success. Ready to level up?


Let's do this. 

Diverse colleagues working on project in modern workspace

Just think, by next year this time, you could feel:


  • Effortless in your ability to make decisions

  • Relentless in the pursuit of experiences that energize you 

  • Unapologetic about your desires and needs in life

  • Self-forgiving of your mistakes and failures

  • Charismatic and confident in your words as well as your leadership presence


You’re just a few steps away from ditching your fears and consistently following through on your goals. 

Let's Do This

About Kandia 

Kandia Johnson has more than 15 years of experience coaching and training managers, executives, and service-based entrepreneurs to communicate confidently and get hired and noticed as leaders within their industry.
With a sweet spot for helping people tackle self-doubt and unleash their hidden potential, she regularly leads training and group-coaching programs for C-Suite and entrepreneurial leaders. 
Beyond being featured in Forbes, Black Enterprise Magazine, and more, Kandia has delivered workshops and talks on stages throughout the United States and Africa.
Major brands such as The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference, Harvard University Business School, The James Beard Foundation, The WIE Symposium, and African Women in Technology have invited her to speak at their conferences and events.
In 2021, Kandia received the Woman of Resilience Award for her commitment to uplifting and educating women in their workplaces and communities. She's also a mentor for the James Beard Foundation's Women's Leadership Programs.
Kandia graduated from Delaware State University with a B.A. in Public Relations and earned an M.S.E.d in Instructional Design & Technology from Old Dominion University.
When Kandia's not working, she's gardening, podcasting, Netflixing, or performing auntie duties.


Before we make it official, let's make sure I understand your needs.

Complete the 60-second assessment below, and I'll email you the next steps.

Her success is my success. 


Kandia's skill and eye for talent are just a few of her finest qualities. She has been able to not only develop an effective brand strategy for my company but also has enhanced my personal brand visibility.

As a result, I 'm a co-host on one of PBS’s longest running cooking shows, America’s Test Kitchen, and my brand, SheChef Inc. is growing exponentially.

-Elle Simone, Founder, SheChef & PBS: America's Test Kitchen TV Talent 


I reached out to Kandia when my voice was barely audible. Now, I am the loudest on those catch-up meetings and I can confidently ask questions about different things and in a composed manner. I wasn't able to do it last year.

-Waithira Kunene — Program/Outreach Specialist,

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